Enhance the efficiency of your wheel loader business with Mobile Worker

Do you want to have more control over wheel loader delivery and work orders? Do you need to load trucks for different companies with different products and materials? Mobile Worker wheel loader module is here to help you.

We as Mobile Worker Company have customers from different branches with specific needs. One customer, who has been selling stone materials for more than 100 years, got interested if we could help them increase efficiency of wheel loader machine management. So, we collaborated and created a Mobile Worker wheel loader module, which can be beneficial for other companies.

Load truck

Wheel loader module allows you to:

  • Track amount og materials and prodcts loaded to every truck that visits your company;
  • Manage truck‘s loading by project, order, customer and location;
  • Create orders and customers directly on Android application. This way you will avoide contacting administrator for new customers and orders creation and save time;
  • Application design is perfect for tablets – big buttons, only a few clicks to fil Load truck form.
  • Review and control materials, customers, orders on Mobile Worker web application.



The function is ready to be used and if you are in a wheel loader business, it is the right time for us to talk. Our support team has prepared a demo for Wheel loader module and we will show how to save your time on managing wheel loaders. Contact us by  phone or email.

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