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Time tracking iOS

Mobile Worker is a cloud based time tracking and data gathering solution for accurate billing, employee management and control. We are happy to present iOS Mobile Worker application which is a part of full field service solution. Download Mobile Worker iOS application.

Earlier Mobile Worker solution was based on Web and Android applications. But from now on iPhone users also are able to track their work time. However this app doesn’t standalone yet and goes together with the Web application.

It is very easy to start using Mobile Worker iOS application: simply create Mobile Worker account on web app and download an iOS application from the Apple Store. Login with the same credentials as in Web app.

Mobile Worker iOS application

With the Mobile Worker iOS application you can easily track your work time using Start/Stop button or add work hours manually. After synchronization all your work hours will appear on Mobile Worker Web application. Even more you can review your hours in iOS timesheet.

All timesheets, reports and information about your projects you will find in the Mobile Worker Web application. iOS app is a tool for collecting work hours.

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