Vehicle tracking with ABAX and Mobile Worker integration

Successful companies keep a focus not on maximizing profit, but how to optimise it. Mobile Worker helps for companies to save a lot of working hours by managing people, collecting timesheets, tracking expenses and products.

Recently we released Mobile Worker integration with ABAX.

ABAX is a developer and supplier of Vehicle Tracking Systems, Fleet Management software and Equipment Control technology, to businesses who operate company vehicles. ABAX software helped numerous customers to reduce the overall fuel spent on their company vehicles and eliminate the risk of tax penalties, for the company’s vehicles are also used privately.

ABAX system uses Vehicles and Drivers objects as main items. It collects GPS coordinates, way points, start-stop times and point of route, and stores it on vehicle object.

Trips from ABAX are synced to Mobile Worker integration. Then ABAX user adds these trips to specific orders. All information about trips is synced to Mobile Worker and all project and order information will be in one place.

ABAX and Mobile Worker integration


  • Less paperwork. Your company will get employees working hours and trip distances in one place.
  • No need to duplicate expense information on Mobile Worker to have all project information in one place.
  • Easy to accumulate and invoice customers fully on used hours and trip distances.
  • Smooth integration gives a feeling of being one product.

For more information about Mobile Worker and ABAX integration contact our support centre: Also we can arrange demo presentation.

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