Third-Party Components for Mobile Worker Customer Success

We’re constantly working hard to increase our customer’s satisfaction about Mobile Worker everyday. It’s no big secret that all SaaS companies are trying to keep their customers happy, in part because the technical infrastructure costs to keep that customer are minimal. But more important is that the existing customers are the main source for a company’s plan for new features.

For urgent situations, you need creative solutions

The main document for the Mobile Worker solution is the functionalities Roadmap. We do customers surveys, analyze competitor functionalities, and try to evaluate market trends. By analyzing all the data from different sources, we plan the new Mobile Worker features. Of course, the Roadmap can be updated based on changing customers needs.

One of our biggest customers was growing really fast, and so were his needs. The Mobile Worker Resource Planner module was in our future plans, but our customer wanted to get this module as soon as possible.

We had two options for creating the Resource Planner – develop everything ourselves or use a third-party framework. The main reason to use a third-party framework was speed.

For our Resource Planner, we used Bryntum Scheduler for Ext JS. An extensible API enabled us to create the Resource Planner module not only on the web application, but even on Android and iOS. Of course, the module supports all modern browsers.

Based on customer needs for the Resource Planner module, we used these main functions:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Tree view
  • Event editor
  • Recurring events
  • Week and Day modes


All these functions were in the Bryntum Scheduler. Since the component is built using JS and CSS, the design was updated using the Mobile Worker design guidelines.

Why do you need Resource Planner?

  • Get a full overview of your employees’ scheduled time use.
  • Instantly see your overburdened and underutilized staff.
  • Employees and projects are linked to provide predictability in planning.
  • Employees get the work plan on their app.
  • Provide high quality work using the most qualified people at convenient times for customers.

The Resource Planner module, built on the Bryntum Scheduler component, is used by more than 1,000 users everyday.

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