The Cloud is Everywhere

The Cloud is Everywhere

The Cloud term has been created recently to help everyone understand better how the cloud computing services work. Nowadays business people, scholars and even children use cloud services in everyday life activities to get easy access to resources, applications, services and etc. The cloud services enable access to information and computer resources where a network connection is available.

Nowadays most of people, which are using the internet, also are using cloud computing service without event thinking about it. If you store your pictures online or you are using Google Docs, you are working in the cloud. For example, Google Drive is the one of many cloud based services. With this tool you can create documents, presentations, also store and share everything in real-time. This technology is the first assistant for mobile workers, which are using mobile devices and need access to big amounts of data, and computation resources when using non powerful handheld device with limited amount of internal memory to their job in the field, at home or while traveling.

Why do I need cloud computing?

This technology is getting  popular for self-employed, small business, freelancers, and many others because there are many free solutions and tools on the market to help do the job effectively.

  • Ease of access. Cloud services give freedom for users, because  they can use multiple devices and work from many different places and still work with the same data. That simplifies cooperation and communication between workers, they can work anywhere in the world using same tools and information. Applications in the Cloud can be accessed from any device – laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop.
  • Savings cost.  Usage of cloud services saves money. Each user does not have to invest to powerful computers or other devices and software licenses.  The cloud computing services also save overhead costs in technology management, data storage and software updates.
  • Innovation. The cloud computing service suppliers are responsible for technology and software innovation.  Users don‘t need to invest a lot of time and money for individual solutions and a service supplier can ask only one-time fee.

Mobile Worker is a project management android app for freelancers and independent contractors. This application is also using cloud services by having integrated Google Drive and android Dropbox sync of the data from the application. Mobile Worker is already working on the Cloud based back office solution which will provide small and medium businesses administrators access to all the data in one place. Many other applications and software solutions have Cloud solutions to make the services more accessible for the users.

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