Technology Will Change the Way You Do Business


Is your invoicing done by using Excel? Is your work day counted by traditional 8 to 5 method checking the watch on the wall? Do you know that feeling, when you need some information, but it is left on your laptop at home? There are so many wonderful apps, which can take your service and work process to the next level. Do you need to invest to these technologies to use them? Yes, you might have to put some effort to find the right applications. But this time consuming process will be redeemed with the value that you get from all these free and professional tools.

Cloud storage

A couple years ago I said, “No, I don’t need Dropbox”. Today I am in love with it. How did I live before without cloud storage services? I have some friends, who are old-fashioned and save everything in their own devices. Don’t do this mistake. Think how much time you will spend if you go to your customers without some important information. Also, don’t forget that storage units are not 100% reliable, and there is always a real possibility you might lose your information.


Recently I’ve written an article about tools to create invoices. Invoices make an impression for your customers, so it is important to give professional and well-designed invoices. You save your time creating invoices with designated tools instead of Excel.

Time tracking

Time tracking should become your habit. After you start tracking your time, you will understand that you don’t even work for 30% of the time, or work on things you don’t get paid for. For time tracking, I personally recommend Mobile Worker due to its simplicity and user-friendliness.

Social media tools

If you are investing loads of time into your social networking, you should consider social media management tools. I use the HootSuite free version. While you’re busy updating your Facebook status, you might have forgotten to favorite a tweet, so social media tools can help to figure out this issue.

What do you use for your business?


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