Task synchronization and the meaning of colors

The best thing that can happen to a work person is to know that all of your software is working properly and you don’t even have to care about this. And every time you get any type of error, lose data or software stops working for couple of hours your disappointment is awaken right away.

We have some tips how to work properly with Mobile Worker.

In order to keep your data updated and safe, be sure to synchronize your device application with web application. Synchronization in device application is automatically triggered after “Save” button click in task add/edit form.  If you are working offline, we strongly recommend turning on synchronization manually every time you get access to internet connection.

Task issues. If you cannot find some of your tasks, try to check Task issue list. You can reach it via device or web application. In task issues list you will find these tasks:

  • Tasks which does not match company settings
  • Tasks that were synchronized after the project/order was deleted or closed
  • Rejected tasks


Colors in device applications.  Every color on Android and iOS applications has its own meaning.

When the task color is RED – your task was rejected by approver or your task didn’t match your company rules and settings. In both cases you should review the task and fix it according to the comments. These task corrections will be synchronized after you click SAVE. Remember: you can always check if your synchronization was successful in Sync log. In Android application Sync log is placed in left menu. In iOS app it is in under: “More” section/Settings.

ORANGE is the color of not synchronized tasks. Keep in mind, that after RED tasks edit and back button click instead of save, your task will become orange.

We recommend reviewing your tasks with RED and ORANGE colors couple of times per week, updating them and syncing again. In this way you will be sure that all your information is handled in the right way!


BLUE color marks synchronized tasks which are ready to be reviewed in Mobile Worker Web application. You can still edit these tasks.

When your task is marked as GREEN, you won’t be able to edit it, because it was already approved.

In summary, it takes only 30 seconds per day to check if your tasks are synchronized in a proper way and it guaranties that you will never have issues with lost data.

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