Tablet or Smartphone?


We see less people with laptops in our streets nowadays. Laptop is a comfortable work tool in the office, but when we talk about mobile working, this gadget is too old-fashioned. The unstoppable rise of sales of smartphones and tablets shows that future belongs to mobile devices. Some people clearly know that they need a smartphone for their work, others prefer tablets, but all devices offer amazing features, and there isn‘t a large difference between them. In this article, we analyze the specific advantages of smartphones and tablets.

Smartphones usually have a big screen, Internet access, a cameras, and GPS navigation. All of them, depending on the platform, come with a set of standard applications, and a huge mass of downloadable apps. With smartphones, you can do almost everything that you can do on your computer. Other advantages include:

+ Good battery life. Enough for the whole day.
+ Wifi and data connection. You can always reach your documents, keep an eye on your email.
+ Size. You can carry your smartphone in a pocket. + Many applications, which are created for smartphones.
+ HD camera for pictures and video capturing.

A tablet is a hybrid of a smartphone and a laptop. Sales of tablets show that more and more buyers choose tablets instead of laptops. Some of advantages of tablets:

+ Big screen. Starting from a 7 inch display.
+ More comfortable than smartphone if you need work with many documents.
+ A powerful tablet is cheaper than a smartphone.

We see that smartphones and tablets don‘t have huge differences. Your choice will depend probably on what you need to do with your device. You can answer for some questions before making the decision.

1. How portable should it be? Tablets are bigger than smartphones, so it is more complicated to carry it together with you.

2. How often do I need to type? If you need to write emails or fill in documents, a big screen is a better choice for you.

3. Do I show information for customers? If you use the device to present your work to customers, you need to also choose a tablet.

4. How often I need internet connection? Many tablets don‘t have Internet access when Wifi isn‘t available around. However, nowadays more and more tablets come with 3G or 4G capability.

What is your choice? Why do you choose smartphone over tablet or vice versa? Share your answers in the comments section, they might be helpful to other readers!

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