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Time sheet in Mobile app

Time sheet provides summarised information for all hours and expenses for the chosen period

Follow these steps to open Time sheet in Android app:

  1. Go to the Left screen and choose Time sheet;
  2. Click on the top left button left-button to choose time filter;
  3. Click on a certain day and all tasks on your selected day will be listed;
  4. If you want to edit tasks click on the selected task and Edit task screen will be opened for you.

If you want to open Time sheet in iOS app click on time-icon screen.

Tasks which were rejected by an approver or have some issues are shown with a red bar beside them to notify you that you need to check them (see picture below).

If you want to review a rejected task, click on it in the Time sheet and task edit screen will be opened with a rejection comment on top of the screen (see image below).


If you want to know who rejected your task, the time when task was rejected and read rejection comment, click on left-button  icon on the top right corner in task edit form and select Approval log>Approval log screen is opened with detailed information about task rejection.


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