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How to transfer tasks with issues to Time sheet?

Tasks which with some data missing or containing data that is not entirely correct are registered in a separate “Task issues” list. This list can be accessed from Account menu>Task issues.

When an invalid task is registered the notification will pop up at the top right corner of the screen.

Possible scenarios when a task may contain issues:

  • Device users add tasks to an order that has been closed on the web app before sync informed the device user of the change;
  • Company administrator or advanced user made changes to either settings or classifiers that influence how a task should be added.

Company administrator or advanced user need to review tasks with issues and decide if to send them to the Time sheet list or to delete them. Please check below how to transfer invalid tasks to Time sheet.

  1. Log in as administrator or advanced user;
  2. Go to the Task issues. This list can be accessed from:
  • Notification which will pop up at top right corner when an invalid task is registered;
  • Account menu drop down “Task issues” item.
  1. Select the invalid task you want to transfer to time sheet and go to edit task screen;
  2. In edit task screen enter missing information or correct it if it is wrong;
  3. Press Save 

Saved task will be automatically transferred to the time sheet list.

How to export data from time sheet?

Exporting function allows you to export Time sheet information to the desired format. To export data to Excel, or PDF format files, follow these steps:

  1. Login into Mobile Worker as administrator or advanced user;
  2. Go to Time sheet hours or tasks view screen;
  3. Click on More icon at the top right corner of any screen;
  4. From the drop-down menu select Export to Excel or Export to PDF;
  5. All visible data in the grid will be exported to the chosen format.
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