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Different Time sheet views

Time sheet has three views: task, employee and hours. Please read more about each view below.

Time sheet: Task View

Time sheet task view allows to review your registered time and expenses by tasks. A task is a very specific job assignment, carried out as a part of daily activities. It is performed by one user and contains user tracked time and expenses.

Time sheet task view allows you to sort, group and filter tasks by selected project and order, time interval, approval status, user and certain data columns. Here you may add new tasks, edit, delete approve and reject them. All data from task view may be exported to Excel or PDF.

Time sheet: Employee view

Time sheet employee view is a platform to review, add and approve worked hours and expenses by employee for the selected week.  Filtering user hours by certain user groups is also available here.

Time sheet grid shows the total amount of work hours registered by an employee on a certain day. When hours and expenses which require checking/attention are registered, hours for the day will be shown in pink background. If you want to get more detailed information about a day, move your mouse selector on a certain hour amount and detailed information about registered hours and expenses on that particular order for the selected employee will pop up.


If you want to edit an entry, click on it in roll over and an edit task screen will be open for your selected item.

Approving hours/expenses in employee view

Time sheet employee view allows you to approve/reject certain user(s) hours and expenses for a day or whole week with a single click.   Checkmark the user name(s) whose hours registered for the week  you  want to approve, or  checkmark a specific day – then all hours registered by all users will be selected and you will be allowed to approve or reject them at once. If you want to approve a certain task, click on the user’s work hours for the day and you will be directed to the time sheet task view, where you will be able to approve/reject certain tasks.

Time sheet: Hour view

Time sheet hour view is a platform for hours add inline and review by certain employee. Here time registered on different hour types, projects and orders is shown.

All data in this view may be filtered by time interval, user and exported to PDF or Excel file.

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