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Time tracking methods

Mobile Worker supports two time tracking methods: manual and/or Start/Stop. Company administrator or advanced user can decide which one method the whole company will use, or can leave it up to the employees to decide which method they prefer. Both methods are easily available.

Manual time tracking – employees can enter the time spent on the task at any point, regardless of when the task was performed. This method is used for manual time adding/editing on the web app and on mobile devices.

Start/stop time tracking – employees enter actual start and end time for the task using only Start/Stop functionality either on the web using Time tracker or on their mobile devices using start/stop button.

By default are enabled both time tracking methods. To allow only Start/Stop or manual time tracking method on mobile devices, follow these steps:

  1. Login in to Mobile Worker as administrator or advanced user;
  2. Go to Account menu>Settings >Company settings;
  3. Open Device settings tab;
  4. In Time registration settings select which time tracking method you want to disable:  Disable manual time editing or Disable start/stop time entering;
  5. Press Save button at the bottom of the screen.

More about time settings you may read here.

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