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Document management

Mobile Worker uses Dropbox as a document storing platform and allows to share documents between the back office and the field workers at any time and from anywhere your work. When the cloud service is set, Mobile Worker users are able to:

  • Send documents to the back office and the field workers by uploading them directly to the project folders;
  • Access uploaded files in specific order folders;
  • Open and review uploaded files;
  • Delete documents – documents are removed from folder location on Mobile Worker and become inaccessible to field workers and back office users. Files are automatically deleted from the Dropbox account as well.

You will not be able to use Documents module if your company Dropbox account is not set up with the Mobile Worker. Click here to get more information about how to set up Dropbox for Mobile Worker usage.

Connect Mobile Worker to cloud storage

To use the Documents module, you need to connect to your company’s Dropbox account. Then you will be able to upload or download documents on the web and on your Mobile Worker application on your device.

To connect Mobile Worker to your company’s Dropbox account, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to Mobile Worker as an administrator;
  2. Go to Account menu at the top right corner of the screen;
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Settings;
  4. Select Company settings from the settings menu on the left side of the screen;
  5. Click Cloud Storage Integration tab;
  6. At the bottom of the window click Connect to Dropbox button;
  7. In Sign in to Dropbox window enter your company’s Dropbox email address and password;
  8. Press Sign in If you do not have a Dropbox account, click Create new account button;

Note: It is recommended to use a Dropbox Pro account. This will allow you to keep an unlimited number of deleted files and old versions as well as to keep files safely backed up on-line.

  1. In Mobile Worker dialog box press Allow button;
  2. In your company’s Dropbox account you will find Apps folder within which Mobile Worker App sub-folder will appear. All Mobile Worker related data will be placed there.

You can find information about your Mobile Worker Dropbox account – used space, free space, and total space in Cloud Storage Integration tab under Company settings.

Uploading documents

Mobile Worker allows to upload a variety of different files including image files, text and even video files within the size limit of 100MB.

Easily upload documents using one of the two following options:

Option 1. Drag and drop a file

  1. Locate a file on your computer.
  2. Login into Mobile Worker as an administrator, advanced, intermediate or basic user;
  3. Open Mobile Worker Documents tab at the top of the main menu’
  4. Select the project/order from the project selector on the left and find the folder where you want to place the document;
  5. Drag the file from your computer location to the chosen folder location on Mobile Worker.

Option 2. Upload file

  1. Click on the Menu icon on the top right corner of the Documents 
  2. Select Upload file from the drop down menu;
  3. Click on the green-plus icon at the bottom of the Files Upload screen;
  4. Select the document you want to upload by browsing for its location;
  5. Click the Open  The file will be copied to the chosen location;
  6. Click on the approve-icon icon at the bottom of the Files Upload window to save the document in the chosen location.

If you want the uploaded files to be shared with all users who have access to the order in which files have been uploaded, add document to the MW_Shared folder. If you want to share the document with only a certain user, upload document in MW_Users folder>user email address folder.

Note: only Android app users will be able to see the files which were uploaded in web application.

Creating folder

  1. Login into Mobile Worker as an administrator, advanced, intermediate or basic user;
  2. Go to Documents tab at the top center of the screen;
  3. Select the project and the order in the project selector on the left side of the screen;
  4. Click on the More icon at the top right corner;
  5. From the drop-down menu select Create folder
  6. Type folder name in Create folder window;
  7. Click on the Save

Deleting documents

  1. Login to Mobile Worker as an administrator, advanced, intermediate user;
  2. Go to Documents tab at the top center of the screen;
  3. Open location where the file you want to delete is;
  4. Click on the Delete red-cross icon in the action column;
  5. Click on Yes button In the dialog box.

Deleting multiple documents

  1. Login to Mobile Worker as an administrator, advanced, intermediate user;
  2. Go to the Documents tab  at the top center of the screen;
  3. Open location where the files you want to delete are;
  4. Check the boxes next the document names;
  5. Click on the More icon at the top right corner;
  6. Select Delete selected from the drop down menu;
  7. Click on Yes button in the dialog box.

Deleted documents are removed from their folder location on Mobile Worker and become inaccessible to the field workers and the back office users. Files are automatically deleted from the Dropbox account as well. To restore deleted documents you need to visit your company’s Dropbox website.

Document security using Mobile Worker

Mobile Worker is committed to maintaining the highest service standards and ensuring information security in our program. We will not delete or otherwise alter your files in your Dropbox account. We only add files to your project folders on your cloud disk.

 Back up

Your documents will be kept on the cloud further ensuring safety so that, even if something happens to your computer, your files will be safely backed up on the cloud.


Companies that have a Dropbox account of 50 Gb or more will also have version control. If by accident you have deleted something important from a previously saved file, you will be able to go online and restore an earlier version of the file.

File visibility

Each company’s Mobile Worker administrator will control with whom they share their information. The company is responsible for safe information sharing from their projects.

Adding files

In Android app

  1. Swipe application screen to the right until you get to Documents tab;
  2. Select an order to which you want to add the document;
  3. Click save button;
  4. Select from menu one of the options:
  • “Take picture” – application opens device camera and lets to take a photo or video, and then adds it to the project.
  • “Add images and videos” – application opens device gallery and lets choose from existing pictures and videos.
  • “Add files” – application opens device’s integrated file browser and lets choose from any file types on device by browsing file structure.

All files which you add via mobile device will be synced to the web application for administrator to check. If you want to share your documents with other users who has access to the order, put your documents in MW_Shared folder. Files which won’t be added to the shared folder, will be synced to your personal folder in web application and will not be visible to other mobile devises users.

In iOS app

  1. Click on documents screen at the bottom;
  2. Select an order to which you want to add document;
  3. Click on save if you want to add picture from your mobile device, or click photo-icon if you want to take new picture with device camera.

Note: in iOS app you are able to add only pictures.

Create folder

In Android app you may create folders for the documents. To create folder, do the following:

  1. In documents screen click save button;
  2. Select Add folder action;
  3. Enter folder name and click OK Folder with the entered name will be created;
  4. To open folder, just tap on it.

File management

File management operations available on Android app Documents screen:

  1. To Open file click on a file and in the opened menu choose the corresponding program to open it.
  2. To perform additional actions click on a file management icon  management-iconand select your action:
  • Delete– it invokes confirmation dialog, and deletes the file.
  • Rename– it invokes file rename dialog for entering a new file name.
  • Select multiple items– s lets user perform delete action for several files, by marking them with checkboxes.
  1. To Sort files tap on sorting button az . You will see a menu to choose your sorting options:
  • Reverse sort– switches sorting direction: ascending or descending.
  • Other options will sort files based on your selection: Sort by name, Sort by date or Sort by type.
  1. To Search file by name start typing a part of the document name and the search will filter files based on the entered fragment.

All files management

In application it is possible to manage all files which you have added in one place, without a relation to a particular project.

To manage all files in one place, follow those steps:

  1. Go to the Left screen
  2. Select item “All files”
  3. Here you can perform such actions as:
  • Search for a file
  • Sort files
  • Filter files by project
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Select multiple files

All actions can be performed the same way as in project “Documents” tab.

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