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How does Mobile Worker work?

Mobile Worker is a comprehensive solution that allows you to keep track of all processes – from data gathering to managing payroll and invoicing customers. Please check below the visual presentation on how to use Mobile Worker.


Mobile Worker consists of mobile applications for the field workers and web solution for the back office managers. Administrator with the back office solution (web app) is able to create work activities (projects and orders) and assign them to field workers. Assigned orders from web application are synced with field workers’ mobile devices. Field workers register time, expenses, products and documents within assigned orders. Registered items from mobile app are synced with the web application where administrator can monitor and evaluate employees’ performance, project progress, set the right project price, and collect project documents.

Data collected with Mobile Worker may be easily exported and transferred to your accounting system which will be able to create precise and detailed invoices and payrolls using accurate Mobile Worker data.