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Log out

To log out from the web application in Account menu select Log out. Logging out will sign you out from all tabs and windows that are open in the same browser. If you are signed in on several browsers, you will need to sign out in each browser separately.


Note: If you are not active on your application for more than 1 hour, the system will automatically log you out, so that your account can’t be accessed by anyone else.

To log out from Android app, open Left menu and select Log out. You can also log out by clicking on your name on the Left menu (in Android app) or More menu (in iOS app) and by clicking on sign out button  logout icon  in your User menu at the top right corner.

If you left your account open on someone else’s device, you can log out of it using the web application.  To sign out from your mobile device in web application:

  1. Login to Mobile Worker;
  2. Go to Account menu at the top right corner of the screen;
  3. From the drop-down menu select My profile;
  4. Click on Devices tab;
  5. Click Log off button in the action column next to the device from which you want to log out.

Note: Within 10 minutes of logging off, the user will no longer be able to sync his/her device. To sync, the user will need to log in to the device again.

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