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Mobile Worker reports can be used by time administrators and time supervisors to obtain summarized information on the time and labor data. Report information can be used for your customer invoicing and/or employees wage calculation.

We have created six different reports which you will be able to customize by specific dimensions and in different formats. Please see the picture below.


6 different reports types:

Daily hours report – the report gives information about registered hours by active users for the day, yesterday, week, month and year. You may review hours registered under your selected supervisor as well.

Hours’ summary – the report used to track hours employees spent during the selected period.

User detailed task report – the report gives information by date, customer, project about total hours and expenses. Also, the data is split by hour types in this report so you will get all the details possible.

Worked/Paused hours – the report provides hours employees worked and paused hours summary by day.

Project overview – the report used to track hours spent on projects.

Expenses – the report used to track expenses on projects or employees for selected period.

Each report data can be filtered by different criteria such as date, project, user, customer, or project status.

Exporting data

All reports can be easily exported to PDF, CSV, EXCEL, TIFF and other formats and used for further needs.

Also you can print all reports directly from the program.

Reports Scheduler 

Reports Scheduler allows to overview employees’ worked hours without logging into Mobile Worker web app.


The Report Scheduler is a recurring and automated interface to email you reports on a periodic basis. It allows to automatically deliver various Mobile Worker reports to any user or any email address.  Please review picture below to find out which settings are available in the scheduler.

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