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Time settings

Define how time should be tracked in application:

    1. Login to Mobile Worker as an administrator or advanced user;
    2. Go to Account menu at the top right corner of the screen;
    3. From the drop-down menu select Settings;
    4. Select Company settings from the settings menu on the left hand side of the screen;
    5. Click on Time settings tab;
    6. The following settings can be configured:

General settings:

      • Time zone – set time zone you are in so that the system could calculate time correctly.
      • Date format– choose in which format date will be displayed (e.g. DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY.MM.DD).
      • Time format– choose whether you use a 12-hour or a 24-hour clock for time tracking.
      • Week start day– select Monday or Sunday as the first day of the week.

Time registration settings:

      • Default hour types at start – select hour types which will be selected automatically when the time tracking starts. It is possible not to have any default hour type at start. Then the user will be forced to select an hour type before starting a task.
      • Set hour adding start time– select this setting if you want your set start time to be suggested for the first task which the user logs. When this setting is activated, after the first task, each following task’s suggested start time will be the finish time of the last task.
      • Default hour duration– define task duration which will be offered for the user when he/she manually adds a task.
      • Time gap (minutes) – define the time gap which may be added to the next task while time registration is stopped. It allows to avoid time gaps between tasks which may be caused by administrative jobs such as filling additional task information (tags, description, and/or selecting another order).
      • Limit hours adding if date is older than– managers might want to set how old the task can be to be added. If users try to add hours which happened before the set period, then the app will not allow the hours to be added.
      • Deny tasks registration on future dates – activate this setting if you don’t want users adding tasks for the future dates.
      • Disable time overlapping – activate this setting if you do not want users adding tasks which overlap with already created task time.

Maximum hours allowed on a task – system does not allow to add tasks which exceed the amount defined in this setting.

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