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Device settings

To change mobile application settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to Mobile Worker as an administrator or advanced user;
  2. Go to Account menu at the top right corner of the screen;
  3. From the drop-down menu select Settings;
  4. Select Company settings from the settings menu on the left hand side of the screen;
  5. Click on Device settings tab;
  6. The following settings can be configured:

General settings:

  • Recurring sync interval –select the interval at which devices and back office application will be automatically synced.
  • Remind to sync data after no sync for days: enter the number of days after which the user will be reminded to sync data manually if synchronization has not been forced for selected time interval.
  • Initial info screen on device– provides opportunity to select one of the three info screens which will be opened on the main Mobile Worker App screen. Select one of the three:
    • Task list: the screen provides information about all tasks from different projects for the chosen time period;
    • Order statistics: the screen provides information about the currently selected order: hour types, duration times, total work and pause times for the chosen time period.
    • Hours and expenses today: the screen provides visual information about all worked time and expenses for the day.
  • When logging, sync data to device for months– define from how long ago the data should be seen on a user’s device.
  • Allow creating orders and customers – check this box if you want allow create orders and customers in android app.
  • Show earnings on application – check this box if you want to show earnings on application.
  • Auto select single order in project– order will be automatically selected if the user selects project which has only one active order.
  • Allow to track Start-Stop GPS coordinates – auto location tracking with GPS when  Start/Stop time tracking is used  in android app.
  • Tabs order in mobile device – define screen order on a device which the user will see after logging in.
  • External links–website links which can be accessed quickly with “+” button click in mobile devices’ time tracking screen.

Time registration settings:

  • Disable start/stop time entering – select this setting if you do not want the user to use time tracking function with start/stop button. The user will be able to add tasks only manually.
  • Disable manual time editing – By selecting this setting, you will disable user’s ability to create tasks manually on a device. They will be able to use only Start/Stop functionality.
  • Enable registered time splitting– provide the option to split entered hours manually, instead of changing hour types during the day in order to reduce errors when users forget to change hour types. This feature can be selected only when “Disable manual time editing” is not chosen.
  • Enable insert function on hours – set this setting if you want the task set up screen to appear on a manual task add. Task set up screen allows you to insert desired hour type and its duration into the task.
  • Suggest task events– upon adding a new task, the application will suggest events that user added previously. Check this box to use this function.


In specified situations users can be reminded to check his/her time tracking:

  • If they have not started /entered time by certain time
  • If time is still running by certain time

You may set on which week day’s reminders should appear and if sound should be used for reminders.

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