Stop Inventory and Tools Loss!

Most of the companies with field workers have a challenge to manage their inventory across the fields. Tools, equipment, and different materials are spread around different workplaces, warehouses or even cars. And it is really time consuming to manage your entire inventory in an old fashioned way – paper report. Nowadays you cannot waste your time on searching record about a hammer in stack of papers.

Therefore, we released Mobile Worker Inventory module with field-tested and practical functions:

  • Take/return inventory. These are the core functions of Inventory module. Inventory has its own history, so it will help you control your inventory usage.
  • Multiple locations. This makes it is easy to return Inventory in different warehouses, offices or wherever you have your inventory located.
  • Request an Inventory. When all needed inventory is taken, don’t waste your time on checking when it will be available. Just request an Inventory and you will be in a row to take it.
  • If company is managing hundreds of different inventory, the Favorites function will help avoid searching between the items.
  • Direct calls. We cannot help to avoid urgent situations, but we can ensure that with one click you can call the person who has taken the specific tool.

inventory tracking software

These days, with tight budgets and limited resources it is critical to keep track of all inventory. With Mobile Worker Inventory module:

  • Access the right information about your inventory in real-time. Everyone in your organization will have a quick access to inventory information.
  • Reduce loss and theft. Avoid having to chase down the missing inventory.
  • Avoid paperwork. Manage all inventory in a tablet or your mobile device.

How does it work?

Firstly you should login to and create Inventory groups and Inventory in Classifiers. Just add all inventory which you want to track and manage in the list. That’s it. After that every team member should login to and will be able to start working. For Inventory presentation contact our support team.

inventory tracking

Rather than wasting time searching for and replacing lost assets, you can keep track of all your invetory with easy to use Invetory system.

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