Smartphones – Truly Universal Mobile Worker Devices?


Working anytime and anywhere is becoming a new norm. Many of us would struggle to imagine a work day without a capability to serve our clients while on the go. This of course is only possible thanks to the variety of devices that we end up carrying with us. The current trends show that many mobile workers are downsizing the number of gadgets they use for work.

A recent survey of mobile employees conducted by Connectivity platform iPass shows that the number of devices carried by workers has dropped. While the average employee carried 3.5 gadgets in 2012, they’re now down to using 2.95.

This drop is of course related to the BYOD (bring your own device) policies, but is also related to the continuous development of mobile tools that allow us to complete many tasks on one device.

The study also shows that smartphones are the top device for mobile workers. Meanwhile, laptops that were at the top of the list in 2012, were only preferred by 12 percent this year. The iPass report concludes that “mobile workers’ heavy and growing reliance on their phones points to smartphones as the best candidate for a truly universal device”.

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