Resource Planner module

resource planner module

Do you work with large projects or big groups of employees that need to be organized by time and availability? Mobile Worker can help and take the headache out of Resource Management and give you more time to spend it on your business management.

Mobile Worker Resource Planner module is designed for managing project portfolio while planning resources with maximum efficiency. You can create clear and comprehensive visual plans that give you an instant overview of all the resources and projects that you work on.

With Resource Planner module:
• Get full overview of your employees scheduled time use.
• Lets you instantly see overburdened and underutilized staff.
• Employees and projects are linked to provide predictability in planning.
• Employees get work plan on their app.
• Provide high quality work by the most qualified people, at convenient times for customers.

Resource Planner module consists of web and Android/iOS applications. Synchronization between web and device applications will provide up-to-date view of planning activities via intuitive timeline board.

resource planleger

In the Web application, you are able to filter all orders by status and then plan tasks for all of your employees. By creating a task in a timeline, you also may assign supervisor status for employee, edit task name, choose manually start/end date and time, and add location.

android resource planner

When tasks are created in Resource Planner timeline, all information is synced to Android/iOs application, Employee can choose planned tasks in the Calendar. When selecting a planned task, information about an order and planned time will be prefilled automatically.

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