Release notes for Mobile Worker!


For the past month we have worked on attendance module – developing, testing, working with customers, updating, and testing again. The Attendance module will be officially announced before Christmas which we hope will be a really good gift for companies paying attention to efficient work. If you want to get this gift, please contact us for individual module presentation.

During this time we have also released 3 Mobile Worker updates.

We have released bug fixes and performance enhancements. It has resolved the data syncing issues that some of our customers were experiencing while using our mobile application. We also pushed out some small features and user experience improvements. Let‘s talk through a few of these enhancements.

Android improvements

  • On a new order creation project and customer are suggested by your chosen order. Of course you are able to edit them if needed.order_customer
  • After you create a new order it will be automatically selected in your application.
  • Finally, new orders will be synchronized automatically to the Web application.

Web application

  • We have updated User detailed task report with Order filter. You will be able to filter data by specific order.
  • In the Employee view of timesheet click on an action icon next to any employee and you will see table with new column which shows selected weeks’ statistics (if you select last week in employee view then you will see statistics for this week and for the last week); employee
  • In Task issues screen you can delete multiple items at once instead of checking them and deleting them one by one.

iOS news

  • We are going to release Products consumption module on iOS application this week. Check here how Mobile Worker products tracking could boost your business.

We are working on a lot of new features that weren‘t on Mobile Worker software, and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you. Stay tuned for updates!

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