Registration of recurrent tasks and report updates


We have been working on two big features during the summer – truck load feature was already released and inventory tracking is coming soon.  And some small but important changes were made recently. Yesterday we have released new version of Mobile Worker. So let’s talk about changes!

Updated user detailed task report

Some of our active clients requested a “Project” filter in User detailed task report. We believe that this small change could be useful for more of you.  Search for specific project and analyse data separately from other projects. Check it here.

user detailed

Recurrent tasks

Do you have to deal with recurrent tasks? Does your team have the same tasks every month? Mobile Worker makes it easy to add tasks that happen more than once, like meetings, trips, appointments with customers or some specific training and etc. You can even solve vacation or sick leave registration by using batch of hours registration during wanted periods.

Adding a recurrent task

Add Recurrent Task function is available only on Mobile Worker Web application under Task adding. Fill information in “Add task” screen and click “Add recurrent” button.

When “Task recurrence” screen popup appears choose if you want to add this task daily, weekly or monthly.

task recurrence


Now you are able to delete and even edit multiple tasks at the same time.
When you click edit or delete on one of multiple task, you will get a message: Do you want to update/delete all recurrent tasks? If you click “Yes”, your changes will affect all related tasks.

not related transactions

Inventory tracking is planed to be released soon

We are building the Mobile Worker Inventory Tracking function.  It is in the testing stage now and  hope to release during the upcoming weeks.


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