Products tracking

Products tracking

Products tracking

With Mobile Worker Products module reduce your time on products tracking and management. By tracking products you have all information about used materials, units, and location that it was taken from and what customer and project it was used for.

Production Tracking Benefits

  • Get accurate number of each product at any location, which helps avoiding failures or bottlenecks. Knowing what’s on hand at any time helps you make decisions about when to order and how much.
  • Convenient products tracking. The biggest benefit of any tracking system is giving you an easy and quick way to sort and search for needed product to account for specific customer and project.
  • Control and report. You can track products and monitor the cost of items that were damaged or find where you might be loosing some products.

How to use Mobile Worker Production tracking?

Create Product types and Storage locations in Classifiers to help track your company products.

  • Storage locations – shows locations where your products are located.
  • Product types – create products which Mobile Worker users will be able to track on different projects and orders when consumed or sold.

 Mobile Worker Classifiers

Track products

  • You can track products on Web application. In Manage section choose Products:

Products tracking

  • On Android Application you will find new tab – Products.


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