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Field service management is about ensuring the highest and best use of service resources to achieve its greatest financial potential for companies. Definitely, field service management is a synthesis between right tools and skilled employees. We believe that you have skilled employees and we are here to bring a fascinating tool.

With the new release of our cloud-based software we have focused on Mobile Worker improvements, which we want to present in this post. But before jumping into updates overview, let me introduce one very big Mobile Worker feature that is coming soon!

Attendance tracking software
We are going to release Attendance tracking software in the upcoming month. This will enable you to efficiently monitor employee attendance, by defining specific break, overtime, and shift rules, vacation and hour types that should be used. Attendance tracking will be smooth and easy with our new offered Check-In/Check-Out functionality.
You choose specific format of what meets your business needs and most complex payroll rules will be covered with Mobile Worker. Today you can register to get Demo before the official launch.

Regardless of attendance module development we have released updated Mobile Worker version this week. Mobile applications must be a real work tool and enable workers to manage every aspect of their job from the device.

Auto login
Therefore, we have updated Android and iOS applications – so now you can Auto login to Abax and Inventory modules by clicking external link via your device.

Web application updates
We have added possibility to set default hours with minutes duration in the Mobile Worker Web application. So now on adding hours, by default it can be suggest 7.5 hours. Also, we have included the capability to add Cost centers in Web Time Tracker.

Inventory tracking
Inventory tracking module was released one month ago. With this release we have optimised login speed to Inventory and solved some small bugs.

Compensatory time review
Now it is possible to check on any device the compensatory time balance by putting external link with this address: https://mytimesheet.mworker.com via Company settings/Device settings/External links.

I know you are probably ready to spend your time doing something else!  But I must inform you about new Mobile Worker support with great our software usage tips. We are still working on it, so we are eager to hear your feedback!

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