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Now Mobile Worker is Offered in French and Danish

French Danish

We are happy to release Mobile Worker application in French and Danish languages. We think that when you want to create user-friendly software, it is necessary to integrate the opportunity to use software in users’ mother tongue.

People from 142 countries are using Mobile Worker application. We are glad that we can offer our users the ability to use the MW application not only in English, but also in 11 additional different languages, including Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian. As more and more people from Denmark and France started using our application, we have decided to find someone, who could help us translate the application to these languages. Thus now we are presenting you the updated MW app.

Mobile Worker offers a bunch of valuable features for freelancers and independent contractors – time tracking, project task and document management, income tracking, safe backups using cloud services, Excel report generation, and a Multilanguage interface.

If you use Mobile Worker app and you want to have app in your language, just contact us. It would also be great if you may help us translate the app to any additional language.

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  • “We feel that Mobile Worker works very well for our 60 employees. Now that we’ve gotten a department on the system, it works better for project managers as well. Hours, goods and expenses flow directly into the financial system, and gives us in the office full control over both billing and payroll. We also find that Mobile Worker is very responsive to our suggestions and needs, and the support they provide is very good. “

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    Anders Ulvøy, CEO of Sinus Elektro AS