New Mobile Worker version

We are excited about the new Mobile Worker release, which went live couple days ago. We have improved Employee/User registration and Task issue screen UX. Inventory users will be happy about increased speed and new comment field. But the most important update of this Mobile Worker release – new language on Web application.

Employee add/edit form changed

Employee and user data is placed in Employee add/edit form. You may sync all you workers to Mobile Worker to keep data in one place. If you need Employees to work with the Mobile Worker system, then give them additional status to be Users of the system. So if you want to create employee with user data mark “have user account” and additional fields will appear. This will give easy way to decide whatever or not specific employee can use Mobile Worker system or not. In addition to Employee data, User requires to have email and system role.


NOTE: If you are using Check in/out module, then you do not need to change Employee to a User. Check in module requires only PIN and Password without the email and role.

Inventory module

Speed. We had an issue with loading first screen – it was too slow. The issue was found and now first load is about three times faster.

Comments. We have also implemented “Comment” field for inventory type. This is useful when you need to add an important information about inventory – how to use it, main rules or warnings about security.


Task issues

“Approve status” column has appeared In “Task issues” screen, which shows if task has been approved or not. If you see that Task is not relevant anymore you can easily delete it from “Task issues” screen.


For your convenience, Abax, Inventory, Attendance and Personal Time sheet modules have been translated to Norwegian language. Which language module will be displayed depends from you selected language in “My profile”. 

Mobile Worker Web application was translated to German language.  If you find some inaccuracy in German translations, please let us know and we will be happy to improve.

iOS application (English, Norwegian, Lithuania, Polish) and Android application (German, Polish, Lithuanian, Norwegian and Russian) languages have also been reviewed and updated.

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