New filters and documents improvements!

Mobile Worker team sends you best wishes and we hope that the New Year will bring new experiences and great opportunities!

Regardless of holiday period we released Mobile Worker updates which will affect all Mobile Worker users. The main goal of this update is to help you filter projects and orders on various timesheets.

  1. New project and order filter

As a user, you can review all timesheet, documents, assignments, dashboard and other data based on projects and orders that are under your supervision and also by closed or active projects and orders.

Filter 3

How does it work?

In project/order selector we created filter that enables you to switch between:

– All – active and closed projects and orders.
– Active – this is a default selection for only showing active projects and orders.
– My projects – projects that are assigned for your supervision.
– My orders – orders that are under your supervision.

Now you will be able to easily switch between active, inactive, and your own projects and orders and review data related to your selection. Timesheet data review, task edit or approving working hours will be easier with upfront selected filters.

  1. New document screen in Android application.

As we announced before, now in order to share the Documents with other users, the Company administrator should set up Dropbox on Mobile Worker and the Documents tab will appear in other users’ applications.

We implemented FAB (floating action button) on Android application Document screen. Adding files button was moved from action bar to “+” button. It enables you to take pictures, add images, videos or other files and create new folder.


Also, we have moved search function on top to the app bar which saved place for documents review on a device screen and gave quick access to search needed item.

  1. Document functionality on iOS application.

iPhone users are already able to synchronize documents from device to Mobile Worker web application. You can attach images from existing library on your device or take a picture directly from the application.

  1. Easy photos review

We have also implemented ability to review photos quicker by showing thumbnails next to each photo item and quick opening to review large image.


In case you want to download the picture, additional “Download” action has been implemented on the Actions column.

What can you expect in 2016?

We are working on Mobile Worker Web application UX and design to improve your experience. Moreover, we are planning to present a new integration in the near future and, of course, to release planning function.

We are happy to work with all our customers and our goal is to improve Mobile Worker solution through best customer practices.

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