Mobile Worker version 2.0 – Faster, Smaller, Better


Weeks of long discussions, development and testing have passed and here it is – Mobile Worker Version 2.0. We are thrilled about the changes and hope to move this direction further.

We have improved the speed of the application and lowered its size. But most importantly, we hope that you will find Mobile Worker application more user-friendly.


The key changes are visible already on the home screen of the application. We have been highlighting ever since the very beginning that tracking time with Mobile worker is very easy – just one push of a button. Can one make it easier? Well, we think we can. In the Version 2.0, you will see that instead of the two buttons: start and stop and the accompanying status selection, we only have one button that does it all.


Another change that you should notice on the home screen is the configurable information. You can now choose what information is most important for you and have it displayed on your home screen. You can choose to see:

  • the task list
  • or the time tracking statistics.

If you choose time tracking statistics, you can further choose the time period of interest. Do you want to see the time tracking data for the day, the week, the month? You choose. Or you can change back to the previous information and continue viewing all task lists. To do that, just click on the action bar menu on the right and choose “Info screen” to make your choice.

Many other details have been improved to create make your experience with us even better. Check them for themselves and let us know what you think.

Enjoy the faster, smaller, and friendlier Mobile Worker time tracking application.

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