Mobile Worker App Boosting Performance of Norwegian Businesses


A Norwegian web portal has recently published an article about Mobile Worker App that is being successfully used by freelancers and independent contractors in Norway. The article features a story of Fløysand Tak AS – a roofing company in Norway. The company was suffering from poor performance and got back in shape with the help of our partner Mosoft and their CRM and accounting systems.

Currently Fløysand Tak AS is using the Mobile Worker App together with the Mosoft systems to further improve their business performance.

The article rightly so stresses that Mobile Worker App as a new product is built on 17 years of experience of Mosoft and their partners. Ability to work offline, data synchronization, adaptability, and the ease of tracking work hours are among the key benefits of the App mentioned in the article.

The article also uncovers some of the future plans of the Mobile Worker by talking about Mobile Worker App integration with the Uni Økonomi accounting and CRM solution.

Yes, Mobile Worker is being developed further. Currently, our App is created mainly for independent employees or very small business, but the more comprehensive solutions with web-based back office as well as full integration with your preferred business software such as Uni Økonomi are under way.

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