Mobile Productivity is Possible with New Technologies


Smartphones, tablets and laptops – all mobile devices are a right way for employees to access the company’s resources everywhere they are. The massive growth of adoption of these technologies around the world changed the habits of the workforce, improved productivity, and provided a possibility to work from different places, at the same time having all information always accessible.

Recently mobile productivity was related only to IT companies, because laptops were relatively expensive and uncomfortable for mobile workers. Today anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer is a potential mobile worker. Sales of smartphones and tablets help to bring new revolution in mobile productivity. Even small companies, which aren‘t related to IT, are learning more about the ways mobile technology can be used to increase their productivity and help to increase profitability.

Many of workers already have their own tablets, and/or smartphones and are bringing them to work every day, for this reason companies get an opportunity to increase mobile productivity without any big spending. Of course company should find a way of securing various data, if workers use their own devices.

Why mobile productivity is important for your business?


Mobile worker can be reachable by email everywhere. Employees can do their jobs wherever they are needed, it isn’t necessary to be in the office. An opportunity to use email on the go allows making decisions, getting response, and being accessible all the time.

All documents in the pocket

Your worker goes to the customer and needs for example manual, information about your services, contracts, etc. Recently they had to bring a case with documents, and it cost time when they had forgotten something. Cloud storage solved this issue. If you keep your information in the cloud, your workers can access it from any device, update it.

Fast document management

If your employee finishes some task, he can immediately fill in all compulsory documents on the device and send information to the office. Instead of going to the office and wasting time for document management, he can go to another customer.

It can be a small challenge to implement usage of technology in your company, but it can also be the possibility to increase your productivity and profit.

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