Mobile Productivity in Your Daily Work


Productivity is important to the business success. According to the IDC report, by 2015, the world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion, bringing major changes to the work culture. A little while ago mobile productivity was understood as phone call to get information. These days mobile productivity has broader meaning, and more and more often it is used as work tool in multiple areas. Here is how to improve mobile productivity in your daily work.

Mobile workers really work form anywhere, even from the places without internet connection. The technology they use should ensure continuous working process and proper work management. Generally workers have a lot of documents, pictures, need to communicate with teams and synchronize documents. The key to mobile productivity is a good match of software tools and user friendly devices depending on unique workers’ conditions.

Choose proper smartphone

There’s no single “best smartphone” for everybody. The first step in choosing smartphone is evaluating your individual needs.

  • When your work conditions are difficult, you might need waterproof touchscreens or rugged phones. There aren’t many rugged smartphones in the market, but you can find interesting products like Kyocera Torque or Samsung Galaxy S4 Active of this type.
  • If you have  office type work conditions , your options are limitless. Different prices, screen sizes, cameras, processors, memories – everybody can find best product at his/her needs.

Two main things for all workers are big screen for information managing and long life battery. You might want to check this blog post on how to extend your Android battery life. If you are a designer you will likely need big screen and good camera. If you manage a lot of information – memory and powerful processor will be your priority.


Choose applications to help you do the work

Mobile workers need different applications ranging from dispatching and invoicing, to GPS tracking and scheduling jobs. For a freelancer a smartphone is of little use without appropriate work applications. There are many free Android applications for mobile workers in the market to do  the project planning and tracking. Everyone can find best and most effective tools for work.

  • You can use Dropbox or Google Drive to keep and share your documents.
  • Use Mobile Worker as project management for for freelancers tool. These applications work offline and synchronize information, when you have connection. It is an app with Dropbox sync (Google Drive as well), which syncs information after working offline in no connectivity areas.
  • With Evernote you can mark your ideas or record problems in one place.

Mobile productivity means that with right tools you can give maximum attention to your work despite the location or time.

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