Manage Your Team by User Groups

Mobile Worker User Groups

Solving tasks by dividing employees in smaller groups is probably the most common work method nowadays as it is considered to be more productive. It is relevant not only for big companies. Yet, as a team or project manager you can make it even more effective by using Mobile Worker User Group function.

How User Groups will help you?

  • Let’s say that you have to assign the same employees to multiple work orders which can be time consuming. The new function enables you to create a group of specific employees so there is no need to manage them all one by one. Next time to assign a job you’ll simply choose created User Group and assign them all to a new work order.
  • With User Group you are able to filter and approve tasks not only by projects and orders, but also by individual users in these groups. The group filter is available in Mobile Worker Employee view Timesheet.

How to use Groups?

  1. From your Mobile Worker Web application, go to the Settings>Classifiers>User Groups. You’ll be able to add a group name and a description.

 User group

  1. In Menu Manage>User grouping select multiple users and assign them to respective group.

User groups 2

  1. In Assignments screen choose in Columns that you want to see groups.

Choose by group

Now you are ready to assign you’re a group of users to desired work orders.

  1. If you work as a supervisor for a specific user group, go to Timesheet employee view and review as well as approve hours only of your group of users.

Approve by group

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