Love My Work, Hate the Paperwork


No matter if you are a freelance writer, event organizer, plumber, builder, electrician, software engineer, or any other mobile worker, your work is all about managing projects. In fact, most of the time we are all managing a multitude of projects, which leads to mountains of data such as customer contacts and details, supplier details, work hours, task lists, various paperwork that is needed to document our work. Have you heard the saying, “Love my work, hate the paperwork“?

Many of us are happy enough to have jobs that we love and are engaged in the projects that capture our imagination. Hope, you are one of us. Yet, even then, there is often a part of the work that we do not really love all that much – the paperwork.

How many event organizers do you know, who get alive organizing amazing parties, but are absolutely drained, when they need to collect all the data, information and keep it in order? How many construction workers you know, who love what they do and are great at that, but would really find better things to do when they are back from the site other than getting their paperwork, data, information in order?

Time consuming manual data entry processes, challenges of collecting accurate data in the field, the unavoidable errors make many of us, who work as mobile workers think that this is not really what we signed up for when we decided to go mobile.

Some of us just hire another person to help us with this part of the work. Others look for solutions that would help deal with the challenges independently. Luckily, today we have many solutions out there do help. At Mobile Worker, we are aiming to develop solutions that would make the lives of many of us more enjoyable by helping collect, access, and manage all important project data. How do you manage your mobile work?

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