Introduction to the multi-level approval process

Mobile Worker multi-level approval is a process that allows you to approve tasks, expenses, additional hours by different levels, for example – team manager, project manager and accountant. The structure of the multi-level approval process depends on the organizational structure and involves levels of approvers.

The main advantage of using this process is that it saves your time when moving data through the organization. Furthermore a good approval workflow forces managers to submit, reject, and approve items on time. There is no room for lost information, records, or reports in the approval process.

Mobile Worker multi-level approval process

  • Only Administrator of your Mobile Worker account can create different approval level. Once a new approval level is created, all new entries will go through this process. New approval level won’t influence old data or earlier approved tasks. Create new approval level via Settings/Classifiers/Approval levels. Once you create new level, under Manage you will find new screen “Users by approval level” where you will be able to easily assign who belongs to what approval level. multi-level approval
  • Approval status. In timesheet Task view you will see 3 different approval statuses. Task with no approve action will keep no Status. Middle level approvers’ approving would give “Pending” status with green color indicating that hour approving is not finished. Only tasks that are approved by last level approver will get “Approved” status. Rejected task will have red color and status “Rejected” on any level rejection. approval2
  • Task log and comments. When you click Approve or Reject button on task, you will get a popup to approve your action. When you click Reject – you also will get required field to comment your action. On task log you will see approval status, approvers name, timestamps and comments.
  • Approving and rejecting single or multiple tasks. If you are an Approver, you can approve or reject one by one task or multiple tasks at once. In case of commenting, all tasks would get the same comment when approving/rejecting multiple tasks.
  • Approval on Employee view. You can also approve, reject tasks on Employee view, colors and icons will help you while reviewing tasks. Rejected task will have Red “X” icon. Fully approved task will have – Green “V” icon and text in grey. Task that is not fully approved – Green “V” icon indication and text in black. employee view
  • Approval status notification to device users. Device user will be informed about task approval when task is marked as rejected and checkbox “Send comment to device user” is set to “On” for a task. Otherwise if approver does not want to send such status, the checkbox should not be marked.
  • Android application user could review approval log in Edit task screen. In this approval log device user will get information about approver name, date, and comments. Our iOS user will get this feature next weeks too. Screenshot_2016-04-18-13-39-36

Our support team is ready to help you with multi-level approval.

What‘s more?

New iOs languages

We added Polish and Lithuanian languages for iOS application.

New assignments setting

Also, the possibility to assign new user on all orders has been added. You may find this setting under Company settings/Device settings.

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