Improvements of Mobile Worker

We are happy to see our customer base constantly growing. Moreover the feedback that we receive always brings us good ideas how to make your time tracking and team management painless and more effective. Therefore, here are the newest updates of Mobile Worker time tracking software:

  1. Documents

If the Dropbox is not set up, document tab will be seen only for Company administrator. In order to use the Documents with other users, the Company administrator should set up Dropbox on Mobile Worker and for users the Documents tab will appear in their applications.

In addition, we have started working on Documents function on iOS application and will release version 1 in the next couple of weeks.

We have changed the documents synchronization process, which will help you load and share your documents faster. So, on Android application, only selected order documents will be synced when the document tab is open.Documents

  1. Assignments

Mobile Worker software has two assignment screens. If you have to manage a lot of different orders choose Advanced assignment screen as your default assignments screen. And if you only have to assign employees to orders then you should stay with the default assignments screen.


Go to: Company settings > Web settings and choose between two possible choices: Main screen and Advanced screen.

  1.   Synchronization data history and reminder

We have added data synchronization history tab to Users screen. Click Edit on any user and choose on top right corner tab “Sync info” to review history synchronization of each user. This will make it easier for you to audit your employees and track if they have entered their working ours.

Sync history

Besides, we have implemented ability to inform device users (on Android) to force to synchronize data if they have not done that within identified period. You may set the days after which if no sync has happened the system will remind the user to do it manually. The setting you can find in Company settings/Device settings/General settings “Remind to sync data after no sync for days“.

Sync reminder

  1. Users’ group filter

Recently we have released User Group function which enables you to filter employee’s working hours by selected users’ group. New “user groups” filter appeared on timesheet employee view. More on User grouping you can read here.

User grouping 3

  1. Integration with ABAX

ABAX is a developer and supplier of Vehicle Tracking Systems, Fleet Management software and Equipment Control technology for businesses that operate company vehicles. Its integration with Mobile Worker connects the software benefits provided by both tools.

Check this video about Mobile Worker and ABAX.

We will present more information about Abax integration next week.

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