Hourly Rates Have Been Added to Mobile Worker App!

Recently we had a request from our customers to add hourly rates to Mobile Worker app projects. We just did it and released the updates in the newest 1.5 version – one of the biggest news is that hourly rates have been added to Mobile Worker App! Try it, test it and let us know if additional functionality would benefit your work.

So what has changed in this newest version?

Mobile Worker app will help you do the calculations of your earning on each project just by entering income per hour on a project or task level. Once you will run the .xls report, you will get detailed information on each project how much you have earned, what hour rate was used and how much you earned on each completed task.

The changes appear on the following screens of Mobile Worker app:

  • Project edit screen allows you to enter default income per hour for the project tasks;
  • Task edit screen allows to change the default income per hour for particular task incident;
  • Project review screen gives quick overview of project earnings at any time;
  • Under Settings/General/Currency screen you will be able to select the currency code, which will be used on all your tasks and projects.
  • .xls reports will give you an overview of your earning on each task completed as well as a summary earning for the whole project.

We continue improving the application and adding new functionality. Let us know what you would like to see improved in the later versions. Keep in touch!

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