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We can bet that you aren’t tracking time, expenses and additional things just for fun. We believe that you want to be efficient and make more money. We want to deliver the best field service management software for you to succeed. So we have been working hard on some new features and updates to make it happen, and that is why it has been a while since our last post.

Users and employees

We have separated users and employees. When you create an employee, he/she will be able to use only Attendance module. If you want to create users, who will be able to login into Mobile Worker Web application and device applications, click on check mark Has Mobile Worker user account and fill required information.

employee adding

Order selection

Order selector improvement will save time for administrators, who manage big amount of projects. We have added a possibility to select all orders (from all projects) in task edit screen so now you can navigate between orders faster while managing many different projects. 

project and order

Cost center

not all our customers use Cost centers in Mobile Worker, so we have added a new setting to hide Cost center field. When the setting “Use cost center” is not active, Cost center will be hidden in task add form. It is important: when this setting is active, cost center field will be mandatory in Web and device applications.

Mandatory tags

Companies are capable to organize their tasks by specific needs by using tags. Now company administrator is able to request to add more than 1 tag or not allow saving task without any tags. This update will help to have more control over specific company data tracking needs.

tag settings
Manage Tag settings under Company Settings> Time Settings

Automatic closing of orders

Let’s assume that when the last employee finishes the work on an order, this order should be closed. If you turn a setting “Automatically close order after last employee finish work”, order will be automatically closed when all users close orders in their devices. Keep in mind that by default this setting is OFF.

closing an order

Small improvements:

  • Employee detailed task report updated with Total additional hours and Total machine hourscolumns as weel as From time and To time columns.
  • Possibility to search customers, users, projects, orders, and user group has been implemented in Employee detailed task report.

We will have more news next week about Android and iOS applications. Stay tuned.

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