Extend Your Android Battery Life


Working anytime, anywhere? And most likely your smartphone is that one device that you would find difficult surviving without? How do you extend your Android battery life to make sure that this essential lifeline doesn’t let you down throughout your work day?

We believe that Mobile Worker application can really improve your productivity and become a really valuable addition to your mobile working toolbox. Yet, the value of our solution very much depends on the battery life of your smartphone. So, it is in our interests that your smartphone battery never dies in the middle of a working day.

Here are a few tips on how to extend your android battery life:

1. Adjust the Backlight to be Less Bright

Backlight is usually one of the biggest problems for your smartphone battery. You can choose automatic adjustment of the backlight to consume less battery life. Alternatively, try turning the brightness down to the lowest acceptable level. This will save your battery life considerably.

2. Disable Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When You Don’t Need It

If you are not using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, disable them. If your phone is constantly searching for Wi-Fi signal in the area, you are wasting power. These are other two things that drain your battery.

3. Disable Apps that Sync Constantly

Apps that sync constantly can eat up quite a share of your battery life. If you need certain Apps to sync automatically (for example, your email) and don’t want to sync manually, maybe try setting it so that it syncs less frequently. Just so you know, Mobile Worker app allows adjusting sync period and does not sync while not using the application.

4. Disable the GPS Location Features

We have all been in situations where GPS is a real lifesaver. You don’t want it disabled then. But, many other applications use GPS as well. If you do not need that, just disable the GPS and save some battery life.

5. Use a Task Manager to See What is Always Running

It is a wise decision to have an application on your phone to help you kill applications that you don’t need to be always running. This will help you cut of the applications that you don’t use that often when you shut off the screen.

6. Disable or Remove Applications That You Aren’t Using

Set some time to remove the apps that you don’t use anymore. What are they doing there anyways other than draining your smartphone battery?

7. Disable Home Screen Widgets You Don’t Need

Do you really need all the widgets that are currently on your home screen? Many of them are constantly pulling status updates in the background and consume your battery. So, unless you really need a constantly updating Facebook widget, maybe get rid of it. This will save you more than battery life.

And… disable animated wallpaper.

8. Keep it cool

Batteries last longer when they don’t overheat. As we are writing this, the temperature outside is 18C – no danger of overheating. Yet, hopefully summer is coming.

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