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Construction management is a thankless task. Everyone sees the buildings going up or the improvements going in, but no one sees the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making those buildings possible. A construction manager has to order materials, coordinate with inspectors and regulators, and, along the way, make sure workers get paid.

That last part can be a serious hassle. Job sites often don’t have the facilities to put up a time clock. This leaves construction managers with a limited range of choices for tracking employee hours. Paper time cards can be lost or damaged, resulting in serious confusion. Employees may also have a problem accurately recalling start and stop times, resulting in overbilling.

If you’re ready to take your business into the 21st century, it’s as easy as signing up for a free demo of Mobile Worker. Here are key benefits your company can use to make business faster, easier, and more efficient.

  • Flexible start-stop time reporting

Your workers can enter their start and stop times using our app, making it like a traditional time card. They can also clock in and out using the app from any supported device. You can enable only the option you prefer, forcing your employees to use the timing system your company requires.

  • Easy editing

Employees who forget to clock in or out can create major headaches, as each change has to be manually logged. Mobile Worker offers pre-set edits to accommodate common situations. If an employee regularly works 6-hour shifts and forgot to clock in or out, Mobile Worker’s interface makes it easy to add those hours manually.

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  • Hour type tracking

If you have employees who earn variable wages for working different hours, manually separating those hours on a time card can create a serious payroll headache. Mobile Worker allows users to quickly and easily switch workers between types of hours. The app comes with a variety of convenient presets, and adding your own to the list is a breeze.

  • Workflow optimization

With Mobile Worker, you can push tasks to employees, who can then log time completing them. This can mean an end to complicated task assignment spreadsheets and confusing directions. Employees are presented with a lists of shift tasks, which they can clock in and out of as they need. On the workflow side, Mobile Worker will also offer task suggestions, grouping commonly used tasks together for easy assignment.

  • Error-checking and correction

If you have employees who are consistently behind in their time card completion, Mobile Worker can help set them straight. You can set the app to allow only time reporting within a date range you specific. You could, for instance, restrict employees from logging tasks or hours from longer than a week ago. This knowledge will force employees to make time-reporting a part of their regular work. Mobile Worker will also prohibit users from entering the same window of time in two tasks. This can help prevent costly overbilling and ensure a smooth payroll process.

Mobile Worker is the best all-in-one solution for workflow and payroll management. Construction companies who need decentralized setups with all the power of a traditional time management system need to look no further than Mobile Worker.

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