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We have released Truck load and Inventory tracking functions few months ago.  And today we are excited to announce the newest version of Mobile Worker. This version includes new functions, such as Compensatory time calculation, updates on Timesheets and time registration, and many other improvements. So let’s see what’s in it!

Compensatory time calculation

One of the biggest changes you’ll get with new version is Compensatory time calculation. Mobile Worker system will allow setting and calculating overtime hours as compensatory time off. Employees will be able to see existing compensatory hours balance and use in future in addition to vacation days.

Compensatory time balance is equal to compensatory time add minus compensatory time subtract. You can choose which hour types should be used for compensatory time adding and subtracting.

You may review employee’s compensatory time balance in employee timesheet. Want to know more? Just reach us out and we’ll be glad to give you more information about how this function could benefit your business.

Compensatory time settings

Time registration features

We got quite many requests to have more control on task registration. These are few improvements:

  • New setting “Deny task registration for future” won‘t allow employees to register tasks on future dates. Activate this setting in Company settings/Time settings.
  • For faster employee hours overview in timesheet we have added a new button with Employee hour’s statistic. It will give quick overview on hours worked this week and this month. Compensatory time off value will be shown here as well.compensatory_timesheet
  • We have also improved “Recurrent task” monthly registration and editing.task-recurrence

Create Orders and Customers in AA             

From now on you will be able to manage new tasks on your Android application. By clicking + button in Android app users will be able to create new task or customer directly on their phone. To help activate this functionality, please contact our support team at

Small changes big improvements

  • Improved closed orders synchronization. Closed orders that the user never worked on will not be synchronized after login.
  • Deactivated product types are not synced to android app. We increased synchronization speed.
  • Project and order fields have been merged in task add form. We have reduced the number of clicks by registering tasks.

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