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Construction management is a thankless task. Everyone sees the buildings going up or the improvements going in, but no one sees the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making those buildings possible. A construction manager has to order materials, coordinate with inspectors and regulators, and, along the way, make sure workers get paid. That last part… Read more »

Number of Mobile Workforce is exploding...

By 2020, the number of U.S. mobile workers will grow to 105.4 million, a jump from 96.2 million in 2015. Also by that year, mobile workers will make up 72.3 percent of the total U.S. workforce. Mobile Workforce growth also influences enterprise mobility trends. According to a recent Mobile Analytics Report released by Citrix, the… Read more »

This Tool Will Resolve any Conflict for...

We usually write about tools that can help you improve your performance at work, meaning software. This time, however, we will present you a powerful mental tool, which can be slightly challenging to master, but in essence it is very simple. It is a schematic tool that can help you resolve any direct conflict –… Read more »

Freelancing is the New Norm: 53 Million...

A few years ago freelancing industry was growing, but many people were skeptical about freelancing because of irregular income, a lack of orders. Some people were simply worried because they like to be worried. According to a new landmark survey conducted by an independent research firm Edelman Berland and commissioned by Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, now more than… Read more »

Free Brain Candy: Online Courses for...

Massive open online courses (MOOC) have been around for several years now. When first introduced, they became a unique learning opportunity for anyone around the world to virtually sit in the auditoriums of Stanford, Cambridge, Michigan and many other famous universities, as well as other schools from a number of countries. While allowing maximum flexibility… Read more »

3 Ways To Accelerate Your Sales In...

Summer is often a time when sales slow down. Although there are exceptions in the industry, most freelancers experience this. You can wait until the situation will change, or you can put some effort in order to attract new customers and orders. There is nothing extremely new here, but if you follow at least some… Read more »

3 Signs That It is Time to Start a...

Before you make a jump into freelancing, you should start with a corporate job in order to grow your basic skills and gain experience of working in a company. You might think that one day you will wake up and create a successful freelancer career in a couple of weeks. But most likely you won’t…. Read more »

Be Smart – Don’t Lose 30% of Your...

According to various researches, independent technology workers, such as freelance developers, designers, SEO’s, etc. work up to 14 hours a day up to 300 days a year. If you think that’s staggering, read further. Around 30% of that time is spent on email. And this still isn’t the most surprising bit. The really exciting (and terrifying) fact… Read more »

Expense Tracking: It Will Save Your...

Budgeting, expense and income tracking is something that many people feel powerless about. They imagine that it means collecting and carrying their receipts, recording them to notebooks, and spending hours on calculations. To the delight of many of us, those times are long-gone, and the only reason why you could be doing that is if you wanted… Read more »

4 Quick Budgeting Tips

Budgeting is important for every single person. It helps keeping on track and avoiding unnecessary extra spending. Also, it can be hugely helpful if you try to save up for something significant, such as a car, a house, or a holiday in the Caribbean. However, often we think that it is difficult and requires lots… Read more »

5 Service Design Principles for...

Service design has been in the spotlight for quite a short while, yet more and more companies embrace its benefits. As for freelancers, sometimes your clients might perceive greater value from a technically less sophisticated effort if it has been built with great regard to the people, which will be the users of the end-product. Here… Read more »

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