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Task synchronization and the meaning of colors

The best thing that can happen to a work person is to know that all of your software is working properly and you don’t even have to care about this. And every time you get any type of error, lose data or software stops working for couple of hours your disappointment is awaken right away. […]

The 5 Biggest Mistakes of Freelancers...

There are many good websites available for freelancers which help them to find new gigs and clients. Most of them focus on specific project based work and remote job placements, allowing freelancers worldwide to work anywhere, anytime, anyhow… Even though the business models, features or fees of these so-called “freelancing websites” vary a lot the […]

How to Use Social Proof to Boost Your...

Imagine yourself in a situation: you walk down the street somewhere you’ve never been before and look for a place to have lunch. On one side of the street you see a restaurant, which is completely full and you have no place to sit, while on the other side you see another one, which is […]

Get More Leads from LinkedIn

Traditionally social media is considered as an alternative lead generation channel, but its effectiveness can be questioned, particularly for business relationships. However, it’s a different story when it comes to LinkedIn. According to an infographic made by Business2Community, 8 of 10 B2B leads come from this social platform. Even if you already do have a profile, […]

Turn Unhappy Customers Into Brand...

There is a saying that one unhappy customer will tell their story to ten other customers. Well, that’s the past. With social media being an inseparable part of most people’s lives, it’s not tens but hundreds and thousands of people that can be reached in an instant. Even though this is a much bigger issue […]

A Universal SEO Checklist for Your Blog

Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve written an article, designed something, or coded something, and when it has gone live, you looked at it, and you think to yourself, “oh brother…”. Then think about how many times you do something, and you have no clue you’ve done it wrong. If you want […]

How to Work from Home & Stay on a...

Those who work from a home office probably have experienced the temptation to go check out what’s in the fridge once in a while. And how many times have you caught yourself doing that out of a habit, when you weren’t even hungry, or was thinking about something else – these are only a few possible […]

5 Fruits a Day Make the Illness Go Away

Research shows that five portions of fruit and vegetables a day can have real positive impact on your health. However, most of us never reach that quota, and we think of reasons and justifications not to do that. There is a wrong presupposition that healthy shopping takes a lot of time – it does not […]

What Should You Do If You Are Not...

Have you ever felt pressure that other people are more creative than you? Do you sometimes think that you don‘t have enough imagination to solve your issues or prepare some service or product which can astonish your customer? I think these feelings visit every one of us. But the main mistake is worrying about how […]

How to Become a Client Communication...

Often freelancers and their hirers live in two different worlds. Ones are technicians obsessed with their computer wizardry, while the others are business people, who are all about money and ambition. I am obviously exaggerating, but you get the idea. Because of this reason, being client-oriented is not only about your project performance, but also […]

Things to Consider While Setting up a...

According to the American Time Use Survey performed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average American worker spends around 36% of their life working (8.7 hours a day). The space that you work in significantly contributes to the quality of your life. However, often people who work from home tend to set up their offices in […]

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  • “We feel that Mobile Worker works very well for our 60 employees. Now that we’ve gotten a department on the system, it works better for project managers as well. Hours, goods and expenses flow directly into the financial system, and gives us in the office full control over both billing and payroll. We also find that Mobile Worker is very responsive to our suggestions and needs, and the support they provide is very good. “

    Anders Ulvøy, CEO of Sinus Elektro AS