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New Mobile Worker version

We are excited about the new Mobile Worker release, which went live couple days ago. We have improved Employee/User registration and Task issue screen UX. Inventory users will be happy about increased speed and new comment field. But the most important update of this Mobile Worker release – new language on Web application. Employee add/edit […]

Release notes for Mobile Worker!

For the past month we have worked on attendance module – developing, testing, working with customers, updating, and testing again. The Attendance module will be officially announced before Christmas which we hope will be a really good gift for companies paying attention to efficient work. If you want to get this gift, please contact us […]

Optimize Field Service Management

Field service management is about ensuring the highest and best use of service resources to achieve its greatest financial potential for companies. Definitely, field service management is a synthesis between right tools and skilled employees. We believe that you have skilled employees and we are here to bring a fascinating tool. With the new release […]

Don’t work hard – work smart with...

We have released Truck load and Inventory tracking functions few months ago.  And today we are excited to announce the newest version of Mobile Worker. This version includes new functions, such as Compensatory time calculation, updates on Timesheets and time registration, and many other improvements. So let’s see what’s in it! Compensatory time calculation One […]

Take One Step Forward to Efficient...

Construction management is a thankless task. Everyone sees the buildings going up or the improvements going in, but no one sees the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making those buildings possible. A construction manager has to order materials, coordinate with inspectors and regulators, and, along the way, make sure workers get paid. That last part […]

Stop Inventory and Tools Loss!

Most of the companies with field workers have a challenge to manage their inventory across the fields. Tools, equipment, and different materials are spread around different workplaces, warehouses or even cars. And it is really time consuming to manage your entire inventory in an old fashioned way – paper report. Nowadays you cannot waste your […]

Registration of recurrent tasks and...

We have been working on two big features during the summer – truck load feature was already released and inventory tracking is coming soon.  And some small but important changes were made recently. Yesterday we have released new version of Mobile Worker. So let’s talk about changes! Updated user detailed task report Some of our […]

Enhance the efficiency of your wheel...

Do you want to have more control over wheel loader delivery and work orders? Do you need to load trucks for different companies with different products and materials? Mobile Worker wheel loader module is here to help you. We as Mobile Worker Company have customers from different branches with specific needs. One customer, who has […]

Task synchronization and the meaning of...

The best thing that can happen to a work person is to know that all of your software is working properly and you don’t even have to care about this. And every time you get any type of error, lose data or software stops working for couple of hours your disappointment is awaken right away. […]

Introduction to the multi-level...

Mobile Worker multi-level approval is a process that allows you to approve tasks, expenses, additional hours by different levels, for example – team manager, project manager and accountant. The structure of the multi-level approval process depends on the organizational structure and involves levels of approvers. The main advantage of using this process is that it […]

News from Mobile Worker

We have some good news and we want to share it with you. This week we released new Mobile Worker version with 2 new functions, but before that let’s jump a bit to our plans for the near future. We are working now on integration with another accounting system. Also we are giving a lot […]

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  • “We feel that Mobile Worker works very well for our 60 employees. Now that we’ve gotten a department on the system, it works better for project managers as well. Hours, goods and expenses flow directly into the financial system, and gives us in the office full control over both billing and payroll. We also find that Mobile Worker is very responsive to our suggestions and needs, and the support they provide is very good. “

    Anders Ulvøy, CEO of Sinus Elektro AS