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The Mobile Worker Story

Field service managament solution Mobile Worker was initiated by Mosoft AS (Norway) company that sought to create a field service and mobile workforce management solution. 20 years of experience working with customers to provide solutions for complex accounting problems has helped us to conceive, design and implement an easy-to-use data gathering system for businesses.

Since Mobile Worker Android application release in 2013, we have accumulated over 24 000 users. Their input and experience has helped us release the full web solution as well as integrate it with Uni Økonomi ERP system in 2014.

We offer stand-alone application, application with back office solution and the option of integrating Mobile Worker with third party products. Currently we have integration with ABAX GPS tracking system and Uni24 for accountancy bureus. Customizing the product is the key to optimal solutions for your unique situation!

We HELP companies:

  • Save time and money.
  • Minimize time spent on gathering data (hours, expenses and documents) from field workers and prevent double work in the back office.
  • Use collected data for sensible process management and decision making..

We are here to:

Increase customer business profitability through effective data handling solutions.

We strive to:

Become the world’s preferred solution provider for companies in need of efficient tools for communicating and sharing information between the back-office workers and field workers.