• Mobile Worker

    Mobile Worker is a field service management and mobile workforce time tracking software. Mobile Worker solution gives the overview and easy control of working and machine hours, consumption of goods, tools and equipment.

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  • Time tracking

    Are you wasting your time on paper timesheets? Time Tracking is easy with Mobile Worker on smartphone or laptop. Custom settings, different timesheets and offline applications for your efficient work.

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  • Products tracking

    By tracking products you have all information about used materials, units, and location that it was taken from and what customer and project it was used for.

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  • Extra work

    Project deviation is an issue that may happen quite usually. Handle extra-work directly on smartphone application. 

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  • Checklists

    Mobile Worker effectively contributes to quality trough all levels of the working process. The quality system contains checklists and form for deviations, and gives an optimal flow of data. This ensures that deviations are handled by a plan, while also covering the economic aspects.

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  • Truck load

    Do you want to have more control over wheel loader delivery and work orders?  Track amount of materials and prodcts loaded to every truck that visits your company with Mobile Worker.

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  • Forms

    Forms lets your Mobile Workers easy fil out checklists and forms on mobile device in order to increase quality and averseness. It`s connected to the project and will be pre filled with available data ad will be closed by signature.

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  • Inventory tracking

    Do you use papers to manage tools across the fields? With Tools module you Access the right information about your inventory in real-time, avoid paperwork and reduce loss.

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  • Documents management

    Get required documents from government, different institutions  directly to project and employees will get them. Furthermore, each employee directly via phone, can take pictures / video and upload files on individual projects.

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  • App

    Android application comes in 13 languages. Ios and Android application works even offline. Mobile Worker apps are intuitive and easy to use.

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