5 Clever Uses of Dropbox for Freelancers


Cloud computing has grown huge over the past couple of years, and that’s not a surprise – it’s simple, extremely convenient, and in many cases even free, like Dropbox. However, there are some rather simple ways to take it to a higher level, and I will share them here.

Syncing My Documents Folder

Windows allows changing the location of the My Documents folder, therefore you can set it to the Dropbox folder. This allows automatically synchronizing all the important documents across the Windows devices you use with no extra effort, and ensures that your most important files are backed up and safe.

Version Management and Undelete

Dropbox keeps old versions of files, so it is a rather convenient way for working on files and recovering deleted files. In order to see older versions, go to the Dropbox web platform (dropbox.com), right-click on the file, and select Previous Versions. In order to recover deleted files, go to the folder where the files were, right-click inside, and select Show deleted files.

Free Website Hosting

You can use Dropbox to host a basic HTML website. This can be done through services like Pancake.io or Droppages.com. The first one is simpler and more intuitive, and uses a shared Dropbox folder combined with a built-in HTML generator, which allows building pages simply and quickly.

Receiving Big Attachments

You can also use Dropbox in order to receive heavy attachments (over 20 MB). Sendtodropbox.com is an app that creates a unique email address for you, which allows receiving big attachments to your Dropbox. This is a neat functionality if you work with big documents, such as PSD’s or video files.

Time Tracking and Invoicing

Dropbox can also help keeping your books in one place. If you use an Android device, the Mobile Worker app offers time tracking & invoicing along with other project management features, and it stores the project files in Dropbox so that they could be accessed from any device. This can be handy for project teams, as well as sole freelancers, who need to have their project files and otherdocuments stored safely and have convenient access to them from any other device.

There are loads of other Dropbox tips and tricks. What are your personal favorites?

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