4 Tricks Which Will Improve the UX of Your Website


You already know that your interaction with the customer starts when he lands on your website. When the potential customers visit your online home, not only they get the information about your service, but also they pay attention to the design, picture quality, call-to-action buttons, etc. If you have those designed well, you can expect a higher conversation rate. The best way to sell is by keeping your visitors interested and engaged.

Let’s take a look at four easy tricks to improve your website!

1. Get better acquainted with your customers.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools to follow the performance of your website. Google Analytics gives you insights about how visitors come to the website or specific pages of it, what they are looking at, how they are navigating, and much more.

I strongly recommend following User Flow reports in order to understand, how users navigate through your site. On the Landing Pages report, pay attention to the Bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, you should make small improvements on this page and try to catch the visitor’s attention.

There can be different goals of websites, so use Google Analytics Goals to set up specific business goals and monitor them. For more help, visit Google Analytics help.

2. Use Call-To-Actions

The main goal of your website isn’t to brag about your service, you need to sell it. So don’t forget to add Call-To-Actions on every page. Use outstanding colors for them, because color is an effective way of drawing attention to elements.

3. Collect testimonials and “Featured in”

Testimonials build trust of your business. Real feedback about your service adds credibility. Also your current customers will be happy to find their own testimonials, especially with their picture, on your website, because people like attention (though you should ask for permission first).

“Featured in” is also good for building trust. When your business is local and you get attention from local media, it is worth mentioning that in your website.

4. Be fast!

If you answer customer inquiries in three days, your contact form is worthless. When customer wants to buy something, they need it NOW. My advice is to synchronize your website’s email with you smartphone and get all emails anywhere you are.

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