4 Important Advantages of a Mobile Timesheet

4 Important Advantages of a Mobile Timesheet

Electronic timesheets have been around for a while, and have proven to be significantly more efficient than their paper counterparts. Mobile devices can help taking timesheet tracking to a whole new level, and that is one of the reasons why Mobile Worker v3.0 has that readily available for you!

Efficient data collection

Often if you have 5 or 10 employees, timesheet collection is bearable, but it still takes a while. If you have ten times as many employees, it becomes a pain. Electronic timesheet collection allows seeing the timesheets that have not been submitted and knowing, what information is still missing.

Real-time supervision

Mobile timesheet tracking allows seeing work progress in real-time, and enables the management to monitor and reallocate resources whenever the need arises, while with regular timesheets you can only see the historic situation of last month and make forecasts, which sometimes can be invalid.

Data analysis

As mentioned before, mobile timesheets provide an exceptional opportunity to see the state of a project at a particular time. Also, as any other electronic timesheet, it allows data collection and analysis. Data can be filtered and analyzed through a variety of different angles and cuts – starting from the whole organization, to smaller workgroups, and how they interact, and to individuals and their performance on specific tasks and projects. Therefore, managers can ensure maximum productivity of the company by allocating resources, such as workers or machinery for tasks that they perform best. Better productivity means getting more done during the same time, meaning higher profits. I guess we all realize that.

Customization of reports

Electronic data means that the same numbers can be displayed in tens and hundreds of different ways with little extra effort. Custom reporting can help seeing the darkest corners of the business, and making sure that you get the best of it.

All of this can be scaled down and implemented even in the work of freelancers. Actual work takes up only a portion of the whole work. The rest of the time is spent on administrative tasks, communication with clients, marketing, etc. If you analyze your time and see that you spend too much on administration, you can search for alternatives, such as a centralized invoicing system. If too much time gets spent on publishing content on social networks, you can start thinking about purchasing tools for social media automation, because it will be less costly for you than spending your time doing it manually.

Do you use electronic timesheets? Or even mobile timesheets? What are your experiences?

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